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This story begins with my daughter and her husband. Almost 9 years ago back in Kansas City my daughter surprised me by enlisting in the Army right after her then boyfriend had enlisted. They both were stationed at Ft Riley.

Keith went on his first 15 month deployment to Iraq from Riley. When he got back he was transferred to Ft Carson which is how we all ended up here at Colorado Springs. They are married and now have two children.

He was deployed a second time for another 15 months this time to Mosul.

Since coming back from these deployments he has had five surgeries, has been diagnosed with PTSD and recently probably TBI too.

I see first hand how deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan can have a big effect on the troops themselves and also the families.

My youngest brother just recently was deployed from Ft Benning to Afghanistan.

As a result of my daughter enlisting my life took an unexpected turn. At the suggestion of a Special Forces SGT a little over six years ago I started a talk show program for our troops, military support and veterans groups, veterans, the wounded and more.

Bob Calvert interviewing COL Jones at Kalsu, Iraq

I have been with the troops now six times … four trips to Iraq and two to Afghanistan with two of those trips in April/May and Aug/Sept 2010 into Iraq and Afghanistan.

I put all of their videos, interviews, missions I go on with them, interviews with Iraqis and Afghans onto our youtube page and onto our facebook page.

We are looking for all the help we can get to bring these stories out to millions of  Americans.

In early Jan 2011 we will announce a new format to get these stories out that will also be a great fund raiser.

Our men and women have been and continue to do a great job of helping the Iraqis and Afghanistans to be able to help themselves.

Our men and women have made and continue to make many sacrifices for their work.

Some pay the ultimate price and their families now have to go on without them in their lives.

Some will live with their wounds both physical and also with PTSD and TBI most of their lives.

It has been a privilege to work with Michael Allen over the years as he helps launch project after project to support our troops and their families and our wounded. I want to Thank Michael for this newest project HomeFront Heroes and encourage everybody to help support this!

Bob Calvert, Host and Founder


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"At the end of the day wounded soldiers don't return to hospitals, they don't return to organizations, they return to communities and families."

~ Lieutenant Colonel Luke Knittig
Special Assistant to Army Vice Chief of Staff