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June 2004
We were 7 months into our deployment in Baghdad with the 1st Cavalry Division from Fort Hood, TX.  I was responsible for 3rd platoon and my good friend, SFC Bo Brister, was the platoon sergeant for 2nd platoon.  We were both out on patrol together one day.  My platoon was called in to refit, and Bo’s platoon remained out in sector.  I received a call on my radio saying that someone from 2nd platoon was seriously injured.  I quickly found out it was Bo.  Bo was hit with an RPG.  He lost his right eye and a significant portion of his shoulder.  He was immediately evacuated to the US, where a year or so later, he was medically retired and 100% disabled.

Bo was not content to sit there and live off of disability.  He immediately went back to work, taking a job with defense contractor BAE Systems.  This was the perfect job for him, as he was able to continue working with soldiers every day training them on the Bradley Fight Vehicle and MRAP.  Now he also serves on the board for Wish for Our Heroes, a non-profit organization dedicated to granting wishes for our troops


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"There is, in my view, no higher duty for this nation, or for those of us in leadership positions, than to care for those who sacrifice so much and who must now face lives forever changed by wounds both seen and unseen."

~ ADM Michael Mullen
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff